Creating a Professional Website

A crash course on building a professional website.

Doing a Quick Literature Review

Awhile back I pulled together some thoughts on how to (1) find scientific research and (2) make sense of it all once you’ve found it. It’s mainly geared toward students or practitioners who need to quickly assess the evidence base on some program or policy. I’m sharing it now in hopes it might be useful for folks teaching research methods or assigning term papers/research proposals to students who don’t have much experience doing that sort of stuff.

Reflecting on My Decision to Post Slides for My Class

This semester, for the first time since I was in grad school, I decided to post the slides I use for my undergraduate Police & Society course. My main fear was that students would (mistakenly) believe this would enable them to skip class and still do well on the exams. But what finally persuaded me was when I asked #AcademicTwitter to weigh in last December and got mostly encouragement and positive feedback from others who’ve adopted this policy.