Minnesota Sexual Assault Kit Research Project


To collaborate with the BJA-funded SAKI site in Minnesota to examine the outcomes of the SAKI initiative (e.g., reducing the number of previously untested SAKs; enhancing victim satisfaction, participation, and empowerment; increasing the number of DNA profiles uploaded to CODIS/ViCAP; identifying serial offenders) as well as the processes by which the initiative produced the outcomes (i.e., increased interagency collaboration, development of best practices for victim notification processes). In addition, we propose conducting a cost-benefit analysis of the funds invested to test, investigate, and prosecute untested SAKs in Minnesota relative to the potential costs savings of preventing future crimes through testing SAKs. Further, research team members will be on-hand to provide research assistance for Minnesota SAKI stakeholders as they make project decisions, inform the public, and communicate with the media.

The SAK research project will focus on the activities undertaken by law enforcement, prosecutors, and victim advocates as they work toward the goals identified in the Minnesota BJA SAKI application: 1) Test untested SAKs, 2) Build capacity for criminal justice agencies to pursue all investigatory leads, provide victim referrals, and prosecute cases resulting from testing, and 3) Provide victim advocacy and support services. In services to these goals, the research team also proposes assessing processes to (4) Identify the cost-benefit of SAK testing efforts.

All research activities will be identified in collaboration with the Minnesota SAKI stakeholders, will minimize additional burdens on Minnesota SAKI stakeholders, and will prioritize victim safety and confidentiality, and ensure research integrity and data protections.


You can read the executive summary and final report here.