Officer-involved shootings

Unveiling the unseen: Documenting and analyzing nonfatal shootings by police

Some invited comments on an article by Julie Ward and team in AJPH

American Society of Criminology - 2022 Meeting

A list of the panels I'm involved in at the November 2022 meeting.

Police Use of Deadly Force - What We Know and What We Need to Know

My talk provides a broad overview of the research on police use of deadly force – how often it happens, where it happens, and why it happens. I'll also point out the holes in our knowledge due to data constraints. I conclude with a discussion of …

Another Post about Police Shooting Data

I’ve been screaming this into the void on Twitter lately so I figured I’d pull all my thoughts together in a blog post. On January 12th, ABC News published a story claiming that fatal police shootings had declined 13% in 2021 “amid calls for reform on use of force.” The story also claimed that Florida saw the biggest decrease in shootings (from 93 to 44).1 At that time, The Washington Post’s (WAPO) database was showing 888 fatal police shootings.

Factors associated with police shooting mortality: A focus on race and a plea for more comprehensive data

At the 2021 ASC Conference, I present findings from my latest paper on police shootings with John Shjarback.

Factors associated with police shooting mortality: A focus on race and a plea for more comprehensive data

We compile nonfatal police shooting data from four states and find that some racial disparities are larger than previously thought.

Body-worn cameras and transparency: Experimental evidence of inconsistency in police executive decision-making

Body-worn cameras (BWC) have diffused rapidly throughout policing as a means of promoting transparency and accountability. Yet, whether to release BWC footage to the public remains largely up to the discretion of police executives, and we know little …

On the challenges associated with the study of police use of deadly force in the United States: A response to Schwartz & Jahn

I was invited to write a formal comment on a recent analysis of fatal police shootings in US MSAs.

Gun victimization in the line of duty: Fatal and non-fatal firearm assaults on police officers in the United States, 2014-2019

We explore state-level variation and trends over time in gun assaults of police officers.

Good Cop, Bad Cop: Understanding Police Use of Force

I was a guest on this podcast where we discuss what science tells us about police use of force.