The Ecological Structuring of Police Officers’ Perceptions of Citizen Cooperation

Using POPN data, we find that cops working in disadvantaged beats view citizens generally as less cooperative.

Management-level Officers’ Experiences with the Ferguson effect

Like patrol officers, police managers report less motivation and job satisfaction since Ferguson.

Police Managers’ Self-Control and Support for Organizational Justice

Police managers with greater self-control expressed more support for organizational justice.

Police Officers' Trust in Their Agency: Does Self-Legitimacy Protect Against Supervisor Procedural Injustice?

Yes, it does.

The Impact of Negative Publicity on Police Self-legitimacy

Negative publicity in the previous 6 months was associated with lower self-legitimacy in a sample of sheriff's deputies.

The Alleged Ferguson Effect and Police Willingness to Engage in Community Partnership

Upon surveying 567 sheriff's deputies, we found little support for the Ferguson Effect.