When police pull back: Neighborhood-level effects of de-policing on violent and property crime

Many U.S. cities witnessed both de-policing and increased crime in 2020, yet it remains unclear whether the former contributed to the latter. Indeed, much of what is known about the effects of proactive policing on crime comes from studies that …

American Society of Criminology - 2022 Meeting

A list of the panels I'm involved in at the November 2022 meeting.

Crime Trends: Is this a Pattern or a Blip?

Recently, a couple local journalists reached out to me about an apparent surge in shootings and homicides in Omaha. My first instinct when I get those calls around this time of the year is that it’s probably seasonal variation. But maybe not. So before I schedule an interview, I like to pull the data and have a quick look, if possible. Fortunately, OPD has been posting incident-level crime data on its website since 2015.

COVID-19, George Floyd Protests, and a Violent Crime Spike: The Denver Experience

At the 2022 ACJS Conference, my colleagues and I present an ongoing project on the relationship between police discretionary behaviors and crime in Denver.

Running List of My Conference Presentations

Rather than continue listing conference presentations ad nauseum on my CV, I’ve decided to archive them here. For some of these, you can download the presentation by clicking the “Slides” link that appears after the presentation title. Note that a * indicates the co-author is a graduate student. ➡️ Jump to: American Society of Criminology, American Sociological Association, Southern Criminal Justice Association Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences 60th Annual Meeting: National Harbor, MD Mourtgos, Scott*, Ian Adams, & Justin Nix (2023).