Running List of My Conference Presentations

Running List of My Conference Presentations


Rather than continue listing conference presentations ad nauseum on my CV, I’ve decided to archive them here. For some of these, you can download the presentation by clicking the “Slides” link that appears after the presentation title. Note that a * indicates the co-author is a graduate student.

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Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

60th Annual Meeting: National Harbor, MD

  • Mourtgos, Scott*, Ian Adams, & Justin Nix (2023). Police turnover: Further empirical evidence of a growing police workforce crisis in the US.

59th Annual Meeting: Las Vegas, NV

  • Nix, Justin, Jessie Huff, Scott Wolfe, & David Pyrooz. (2022). COVID-19, George Floyd protests, and a violent crime spike: The Denver experience. (Slides)

54th Annual Meeting: Kansas City, MO

  • Nix, Justin, Scott E. Wolfe, & Bradley A. Campbell. (2017). Do suspect race and demeanor influence officers’ willingness to use procedural fairness? (Slides)

53rd Annual Meeting: Denver, CO

  • Nix, Justin & Scott E. Wolfe. (2016). Sensitivity to the Ferguson Effect.

52nd Annual Meeting: Orlando, FL

  • Nix, Justin. (2015). Does legitimacy promote cooperation among the public? A survey of U.S. police executives.

American Society of Criminology

78th Annual Meeting: Atlanta, GA

  • McLean, Kyle, Justin Nix, Seth Stoughton, Ian Adams, & Geoff Alpert. (2022). Forming suspicion during traffic stops: Results from an experimental survey of patrol officers.

  • Branscum, Caralin*, Tara Richards, Emily Wright, Justin Nix, & Bradley Campbell. (2022). The victim-survivor notification process and experience from practitioners and survivors.

  • Richards, Tara, Michaela Goldsmith*, Emily Wright, Justin Nix, Bradley Campbell, & Scott Mourtgos*. (2022). Assessing the feasibility and impact of using the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program in Sexual Assault Kit Initiative projects.

  • Sierra-Arévalo, Michael, Justin Nix, & Scott Mourtgos*. (2022). The “war on cops” and the murder of George Floyd.

  • Simpson, Rylan & Justin Nix. (2022). Under fire: Officer-involved shootings in Canada, 2017-2019.

77th Annual Meeting: Chicago, IL

  • Nix, Justin & John Shjarback. (2021). Factors associated with police shooting mortality: A focus on race and a plea for more comprehensive data. (Slides)

  • McLean, Kyle & Justin Nix. (2021). Weber, legitimacy, and police empowerment: Experimental results from a survey of US adults. (Slides)

  • Nam, Yongjae*, Scott Wolfe, & Justin Nix. (2021). Does procedural justice protect against the adverse effects of perceived ineffectiveness on police legitimacy?

  • Richards, Tara, Justin Nix, Scott Mourtgos*, & Ian Adams*. (2021). 911 and domestic violence service emergency hotline calls before and during COVID-19.

  • Adams, Ian*, Scott Mourtgos*, & Justin Nix. (2021). Elevated police turnover following the summer of George Floyd protests: A synthetic control study.

75th Annual Meeting: San Francisco, CA

  • Nix, Justin, Natalie Todak, & Brandon Tregle*. (2019). Predictors of body-worn camera diffusion amidst the push for greater transparency in 21st Century policing in the United States. (Slides)

74th Annual Meeting: Atlanta, GA

  • Nix, Justin, Scott E. Wolfe, Justin T. Pickett, & Brandon Tregle*. (2018). An exploration of the sources of self-legitimacy among a US sample of municipal police executives.

  • Chao, Weng-Fong*, Justin Nix, & Joseph A. Schwartz. (2018). Do residents perceive their neighborhoods similarly? Assessing measurement invariance of collective efficacy among residents in a Southeastern city.

  • Tregle, Brandon*, Justin Nix, Justin T. Pickett, & Scott E. Wolfe. (2018). Police executives’ willingness to be transparent with body-worn camera footage: Experimental findings from a national survey.

73rd Annual Meeting: Philadelphia, PA

  • Anderson, Amy, Justin Nix, & Samantha Clinkinbeard. (2017). Culpable cops? College students’ attitudes toward police shootings of unarmed civilians in the aftermath of Ferguson.

  • Nix, Justin, Scott E. Wolfe, & Bradley A. Campbell. (2017). The (in)variance of police self-legitimacy.

  • Pickett, Justin T. & Justin Nix. (2017). Demeanor and police culture: Theorizing how procedurally just cooperation influences police officers.

72nd Annual Meeting: New Orleans, LA

  • Pinchevsky, Gillian M. & Justin Nix. (2016). A closer look at domestic disturbances that resulted in fatal shootings by police in 2015.

  • Nix, Justin, Bradley A. Campbell, Edward H. Byers*, & Geoffrey P. Alpert. (2016). A bird’s eye view of civilians killed by police in 2015: Further evidence of shooter bias.

  • Campbell, Bradley A., Justin Nix, & Edward R. Maguire. (2016). Civilians killed by police pre- and post-Ferguson: A time-series analysis.

  • Byers, Edward H.*, Bradley A. Campbell, & Justin Nix. (2016). Less-lethal force? An in-depth look at 50 civilians killed by conductive energy devices in 2015.

71st Annual Meeting: Washington, DC

  • Wolfe, Scott E. & Justin Nix. (2015). Does officer self-legitimacy minimize the impact of supervisor procedural injustice? Police organizational trust and sensitivity to the Ferguson Effect.

  • Smith, Michael R., Jeff Rojek, Justin Nix, & Matthew Petrocelli. (2015). Use of social media by alleged members of transnational criminal organizations.

70th Annual Meeting: San Francisco, CA

  • Nix, Justin. (2014). Legitimacy in the eye of the beholder? The case of a southeastern sheriff’s department.

69th Annual Meeting: Atlanta, GA

  • Nix, Justin, Jeff Rojek, Scott E. Wolfe, & Robert J. Kaminski. (2013). Influencing police organizational change: Who are the key players?

68th Annual Meeting: Chicago, IL

  • Nix, Justin, Jeff Rojek, & Robert J. Kaminski. (2012). Immigration and law enforcement: Results from a state census of police executives.

American Sociological Association

114th Annual Meeting: New York, NY

  • Nix, Justin & Geoffrey P. Alpert. (2019). Crowdsourced police shooting data: What we know and what we’re missing. (Slides)

113th Annual Meeting: Philadelphia, PA

  • Nix, Justin. (2018). Was there a Ferguson Effect on policing? Examining police perceptions and behaviors in the post-Ferguson era.

Southern Criminal Justice Association

43rd Annual Meeting: Charleston, SC

  • Nix, Justin & Scott E. Wolfe. (2015). The impact of negative publicity on police self-legitimacy.
Justin Nix
Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

My research interests include police legitimacy, procedural justice, and officer-involved shootings.