Understanding Denver's devastating rise in violent crime in 2020

We argue that Denver's 2020 crime spike was likely the result of a police legitimacy crisis.

Defunding or disbanding the police is a dangerous idea if done hastily

Scott and I wrote about defunding the police for Tom Jackman's "True Crime" column in *The Washington Post*.

Command-level Police Officers' Perceptions of the 'War on Cops' and De-policing

A survey of over 200 command-level cops in a southeastern state indicates they believe a _war on cops_ has resulted in de-policing.

Sensitivity to the Ferguson Effect: The Role of Managerial Organizational Justice

Organizational justice appears to shield police officers from the so-called Ferguson Effect.

The Alleged Ferguson Effect and Police Willingness to Engage in Community Partnership

Upon surveying 567 sheriff's deputies, we found little support for the Ferguson Effect.