Domestic disturbances

Are Domestic Disturbances Really More Dangerous to Police? Findings from the 2016 National Incident Based Reporting System

Using NIBRS data, we show domestic incidents are _not_ more likely to involve officers being assaulted or injured

Domestic Violence Help-Seeking During COVID-19

Summary Study after study has shown that help-seeking for domestic violence increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. My colleague, Tara Richards (Faculty Lead for SCCJ’s Victimology and Victim Studies Research Lab), was quick to observe that all of the research to date has relied on official data (e.g., calls for police service, reported crimes). Research has yet to consider whether victim service agency hotlines experienced an uptick in calls during COVID-19.

New research: Are domestic disturbances really more dangerous for responding officers?

Forthcoming at _JQ_.

Domestic Disturbances and Fatal Police Shootings: An Analysis of the Washington Post’s Data

Among fatal OIS, domestic disturbances were *not* significantly more likely to involve an individual armed with a gun