Policing, Police Reforms, and De-Funding Efforts

Policing, Police Reforms, and De-Funding Efforts

Special Topics Course: Pandemics, Protest, and Policy

My colleagues over in the UNO School of Public Administration developed a special topics course this semester called Pandemics, Protest, and Policy. I’ve been asked to facilitate the discussion tomorrow night on “Police Reforms, Oversight, and De-Funding.”

I enjoy speaking with other classes, and in this case, it’s one comprised of non-CJ majors. Generally, I prefer an unstructured format in these settings so that the discussion goes where the students want it to go. But my colleagues have put a lot of thought and planning into this, so I felt compelled to put some slides together.

So, given the opportunity to discuss U.S. policing in 2020 with a (virtual) room full of non-CJ majors, what would you say are the most pressing issues? If you’re reading this, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Click on the Slides button above to download a PDF of my slides.
Justin Nix
Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

My research interests include police legitimacy, procedural justice, and officer-involved shootings.