Citizen oversight

Dismantling Racism, Sexism, and Inequities in Policing

A roundtable about disparities in policing and how to address them. With Sadaf Hashimi, Tracie Keesee, and Seth Stoughton (moderated by Walter Katz). Click on the Video button above to watch.

Policing, Police Reforms, and De-Funding Efforts

A discussion about the function of police, the role of police oversight, and various reforms that have been suggested.

Eyewitness! Principled Policing

A discussion about reimagining policing in America.

Defunding or disbanding the police is a dangerous idea if done hastily

Scott and I wrote about defunding the police for Tom Jackman's "True Crime" column in *The Washington Post*.

Understanding body-worn camera diffusion in U.S. policing

We examine factors associated with BWC usage in municipal PDs as of 2018.

Police Officers’ Attitudes Toward Citizen Advisory Councils

In a survey of sheriff's deputies, perceived organizational justice predicted greater perceived legitimacy of citizen oversight.