Body-worn cameras

Officer Diversity May Reduce Black Americans' Fear of the Police

Would police racial and gender diversification reduce Black Americans' fear of the police? The theory of representative bureaucracy indicates that it might. We tested the effects of officer diversity in two experiments embedded in a national survey …

Review of ‘‘Cops, Cameras, and Crisis’’

My brief review of White & Malm’s NYU press book about police body-worn cameras.

Body-worn cameras and transparency: Experimental evidence of inconsistency in police executive decision-making

Body-worn cameras (BWC) have diffused rapidly throughout policing as a means of promoting transparency and accountability. Yet, whether to release BWC footage to the public remains largely up to the discretion of police executives, and we know little …

Understanding body-worn camera diffusion in U.S. policing

We examine factors associated with BWC usage in municipal PDs as of 2018.

Predictors of Body-Worn Camera Diffusion amidst the Push for Greater Transparency in 21st Century Policing in the United States

At the 2019 ASC Conference, I present findings from research with Natalie Todak and Brandon Tregle on BWCs and police transparency.