Experimental design

Reducing Crime Podcast - Episode 42

At the 2021 ASC Conference, I was a guest on Ep. 42 of Jerry Ratcliffe's Reducing Crime Podcast

Measurement matters: Attitudinal v. behavioral survey questions

Our survey experiment suggests the wording of questions about police fairness matters.

What Does the Public Want Police to Do During Pandemics? A National Experiment

Forthcoming at *Criminology & Public Policy.*

Now in print: Three experiments concerned with the Demeanor Hypothesis

Published Open Access in Journal of Experimental Criminology.

Compliance, Noncompliance, and the In-between: Causal Effects of Civilian Demeanor on Police Officers’ Cognitions and Emotions

Three experiments showed that citizen demeanor affects officers' emotions and cognitions, independent of compliance.

Demeanor and Police Culture: Theorizing How Civilian Cooperation Influences Police Officers

We revisit classic literature regarding the effects of citizen demeanor on police attitudes and behaviors.

Demeanor, Race, and Police Perceptions of Procedural Justice: Evidence from Two Randomized Experiments

Experiments with officers from two agencies showed citizen demeanor affects their willingness to exercise procedural justice.