What Does the Public Want Police to Do During Pandemics? A National Experiment

Forthcoming at *Criminology & Public Policy.*

#CrimComm for Early Career Researchers

A discussion about engaging with the media and the public as an early career researcher.

Considering Violence Against Police by Citizen Race/Ethnicity to Contextualize Representation in Officer-Involved Shootings

We use data on violence against police as a benchmark to understand racial disparities in OIS.

Testing a Theoretical Model of Perceived Audience Legitimacy: The Neglected Linkage in the Dialogic Model of Police–community Relations

We examine police perceptions of their legitimacy in the eyes of the public, using survey data from two police samples.

New research: Police perceptions of their audience legitimacy

Forthcoming at _JRCD_.

Third-person Perceptions, Hostile Media Effects, and Policing: Developing a Theoretical Framework for Assessing the Ferguson Effect

Police perceive the media as hostile toward them, and it increases their fear of false allegations.

The Impact of Negative Publicity on Police Self-legitimacy

Negative publicity in the previous 6 months was associated with lower self-legitimacy in a sample of sheriff's deputies.