War on Cops

Gun victimization in the line of duty: Fatal and non-fatal firearm assaults on police officers in the United States, 2014-2019

We explore state-level variation and trends over time in gun assaults of police officers.

Gun Violence Against U.S. Police Officers: Insights from a New Dataset

In a forthcoming paper in Criminology & Public Policy, Michael and I conducted an exploratory analysis of fatal and non-fatal firearm assaults on U.S police officers using six years of public data provided by the Gun Violence Archive. We adopted the following inclusion criteria: Victim was a sworn officer employed by a local, state, or special jurisdiction law enforcement agency that routinely responds to calls for service (i.e., officers employed by town, city, or county agencies, sheriff’s departments, state agencies, tribal police, university police, transit police) Victim was on duty at the time of assault The bullet struck the victim’s person or his/her equipment (excluding vehicle) The bullet came from a real firearm (i.

Command-level Police Officers' Perceptions of the 'War on Cops' and De-policing

A survey of over 200 command-level cops in a southeastern state indicates they believe a _war on cops_ has resulted in de-policing.

A War on Cops? The Effects of Ferguson on the Number of U.S. Police Officers Murdered in the Line of Duty

We find no evidence for a _war on cops_, as measured by officers murdered in the line of duty from 2010 to 2016.