Ferguson Effect

Leadership in Law Enforcement Podcast - Season 2 Ep. 8

We discuss how I got into academia, as well as my research on police legitimacy, organizational justice, the Ferguson Effect, and officer decision-making.

Elevated Police Turnover following the Summer of George Floyd Protests: A Synthetic Control Study

Police resignations - but not retirements or involuntary separations - spiked significantly in a large western department following the George Floyd protests.

Understanding Denver's devastating rise in violent crime in 2020

We argue that Denver's 2020 crime spike was likely the result of a police legitimacy crisis.

Management-level Officers’ Experiences with the Ferguson effect

Like patrol officers, police managers report less motivation and job satisfaction since Ferguson.

Is the Number of Citizens Fatally Shot by Police Increasing in the Post-Ferguson Era?


Command-level Police Officers' Perceptions of the 'War on Cops' and De-policing

A survey of over 200 command-level cops in a southeastern state indicates they believe a _war on cops_ has resulted in de-policing.

A War on Cops? The Effects of Ferguson on the Number of U.S. Police Officers Murdered in the Line of Duty

We find no evidence for a _war on cops_, as measured by officers murdered in the line of duty from 2010 to 2016.

Third-person Perceptions, Hostile Media Effects, and Policing: Developing a Theoretical Framework for Assessing the Ferguson Effect

Police perceive the media as hostile toward them, and it increases their fear of false allegations.

The Impact of Negative Publicity on Police Self-legitimacy

Negative publicity in the previous 6 months was associated with lower self-legitimacy in a sample of sheriff's deputies.

Sensitivity to the Ferguson Effect: The Role of Managerial Organizational Justice

Organizational justice appears to shield police officers from the so-called Ferguson Effect.