Reducing Crime Podcast - Episode 42

At the 2021 ASC Conference, I was a guest on Ep. 42 of Jerry Ratcliffe's Reducing Crime Podcast

Factors associated with police shooting mortality: A focus on race and a plea for more comprehensive data

At the 2021 ASC Conference, I present findings from my latest paper on police shootings with John Shjarback.

Weber, Legitimacy, and Police Empowerment: Experimental Results from a Survey of US Adults

At the 2021 ASC Conference, I discuss a recent paper on legitimacy and empowerment with Kyle McLean.

Factors associated with police shooting mortality: A focus on race and a plea for more comprehensive data

We compile nonfatal police shooting data from four states and find that some racial disparities are larger than previously thought.

Are Domestic Disturbances Really More Dangerous to Police? Findings from the 2016 National Incident Based Reporting System

Using NIBRS data, we show domestic incidents are _not_ more likely to involve officers being assaulted or injured

Comparing 911 and emergency hotline calls for domestic violence in seven cities: What happened when people started staying home due to COVID-19?

We examine the effect of COVID-19 on domestic violence, as measured by daily calls to 911 and Victim Service Agencies’ emergency hotlines.

Police Support for/Opposition to Various Reforms

Earlier today I was reminded of some data I’m sitting on that my colleagues and I never published anywhere. This comes from a web-based survey of police officers at a large, southern agency that we administered in 2018. The response rate was 31%. So we asked officers to consider eight ideas that “have been proposed as ways to improve policing” and indicate the extent they supported or opposed each. We listed a hodgepodge of “reforms” including some that would (1) expand police authority, (2) restrict police authority, or (3) increase citizen oversight.

Elevated Police Turnover following the Summer of George Floyd Protests: A Synthetic Control Study

Police resignations - but not retirements or involuntary separations - spiked significantly in a large western department following the George Floyd protests.

Dismantling Racism, Sexism, and Inequities in Policing

A roundtable about disparities in policing and how to address them. With Sadaf Hashimi, Tracie Keesee, and Seth Stoughton (moderated by Walter Katz). Click on the Video button above to watch.

Understanding the Bounds of Legitimacy: Weber’s Facets of Legitimacy and the Police Empowerment Hypothesis

Despite considerable evidence that police legitimacy results in beneficial outcomes like compliance, cooperation, and empowerment, scholars have yet to agree on how to define and operationalize legitimacy. Drawing on Max Weber’s facets of legitimacy, …